Stand Down is intended to provide veteran services scattered throughout North San Diego County at one site.  The basic premise is to provide community intervention which encourages wide participation among service providers, both veteran specific and general, and to seek out the opinions of homeless veterans themselves to make known what is needed to get them off the streets and reintegrated into the community as productive members.

The North County Stand Down will also include a Spiritual Care team of Pastors, Priests and other Christian Leaders as a united Chaplin Core.  This Chaplin Core will provide encouragement, nurture and assistance to all interested Stand Down participants.  Both Protestant and Catholic services will be available Sunday morning.

The San Diego County Regional Task Force on the Homeless is at the forefront of our region’s efforts to ensure that we have sustainable and effective solutions for addressing homelessness.  Data from the WeALLCount Campaign is an essential tool in these efforts.

Regional Totals  2016 Point-in-Time Count Results

Homeless Summaries  WeALLCount Data & Results: Veterans

Homeless Female Veteran  A Day in the Life of a Homeless Female Veteran

Intervention Programs:

  • North County Resource Guide an array of supportive services to ensure our nation’s heroes can recover from service-related trauma and injuries, as well as regain stability.
  • Mayors Challenge  is a way to solidify partnerships and secure commitments to end Veteran Homelessness from mayor across the country.