What is a Stand Down?

Stand Down is a military term designating that a combat unit has temporarily moved out of the field and back to base camp for rest and rehabilitation.  Homeless veterans are, in some ways, comparable to soldiers in a war zone – living exposed in the field, surviving by their wits with limited rations, and enduring extreme conditions.

Today, Stand Down refers to a time when our homeless veterans can remove themselves from the combat of the streets.  Stand Down is designed to create a transformational community of participants, service providers and volunteers that is based on dignity, respect and empowerment.  The three day intervention will bring a wide range of essential service to homeless veterans, while raising their morale and awakening their motivation.  Stand Down will provide men, women and children with shelter, medical, dental, legal, clothing, showers, haircuts, food, counseling, and other needed services.

This Stand Down is specifically for North County San Diego and is totally independent of the event held in Downtown San Diego.  We are addressing the needs along the Highway 78 corridor and other cities in the North County.  Please keep this in mind and support both events.

Veterans Village of San Diego (VVSD) held the first Stand Down back in 1988 under the auspices of the Vietnam Veterans of San Diego (VVSD).  Their service model was design to bridge many of the physical and psychological barriers between service providers and recipients.

View Stand Down – VVSD Step-by-Step Procedural Manual (pdf), written by , Dr. Jon Nachison, Robert Van Keuren and Richard Talbott, the original Stand Down organizers.